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Contact Orders , Co-operation And The Courts

Keeping things amicable with your ex, in the interests of your children, is one of the most important yet most difficult parts of a divorce.  On the one hand, you’re prepared to do almost anything to make sure that your children don’t suffer too much from the break-up, but on the other there’s only so [...]

Making The Most Of A “Different” Christmas With Your Kids

Particularly if this is your first Christmas as a non-resident dad, you’ll be finding your way through the practical and emotional mine-field of a major change in the Christmas routine.   I’ve considered some of the issues you might encounter in your own “home alone” Christmas in my previous post, so this one’s all about how [...]

Christmas Without Your Kids: That Other “Home Alone” Christmas Story

Christmas looms large and although it’s reputedly “the season of goodwill”, if this is the first year that you’re going to be without your children over Christmas, then you’re already going to be feeling decidedly unseasonable and understandably less than good about everything to do with the festivities. I honestly wish I could say that [...]