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Cheap and Cheerful Fun with Your Kids on Father’s Day

Any time you get to spend with the kids is great, but having them with you on Father’s Day makes things even more special. The trouble is though, that as much as you’d like to treat them with special trips and events on the day, sometimes there just isn’t enough spare cash to go around. […]

Broken Contact Order: Your Ex Stops Visiting The Child

This article comes to you based solely on my personal experience with my ex-partner. For privacy and security reasons I’m not mentioning any names here. My partner and I was granted a residency order, now called a child arrangements order for my son back in June of 2013, due to him being hospitalised twice for failing […]

Your First Time: Courtroom Processes

The worst is happening. You and your ex just can’t agree on anything to do with the divorce, not least where the children should be living. You want them with you as much as possible, of course and perhaps you have reasons to feel that you’d be the better parent on a regular basis, so […]

Are You A Buster Or A Builder? Your Child’s Confidence Is In Your Hands

Even the most rambunctious child can have confidence issues and a divorce or separation looming large can make your child particularly vulnerable to a confidence crisis or esteem-plummeting experiences. Whatever kind of parent you are normally, now more than ever is the time to help ensure that your child is fully supported through those wobbly […]