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Your First Time: Courtroom Processes

The worst is happening. You and your ex just can’t agree on anything to do with the divorce, not least where the children should be living. You want them with you as much as possible, of course and perhaps you have reasons to feel that you’d be the better parent on a regular basis, so […]

Are You A Buster Or A Builder? Your Child’s Confidence Is In Your Hands

Even the most rambunctious child can have confidence issues and a divorce or separation looming large can make your child particularly vulnerable to a confidence crisis or esteem-plummeting experiences. Whatever kind of parent you are normally, now more than ever is the time to help ensure that your child is fully supported through those wobbly […]

5 Benefits Of Taking Your Child To Playgroups

Parents have different views and opinions about sending their babies and young children to toddler playgroups and children centres, if you’re thinking about taking your child to a local playgroup, this post will outline 5 benefits of doing so. As a dad of two small children (under the age of two), I was a little bit […]

Divorce and Social Media: Think First, Sound Off Later!

If you’re going through the throes of separation and / or divorce, then it’s a comforting thought to imagine that the support of your friends might just be a text, email or social media posting away.  Unfortunately, whichever social media platform you prefer for your social statements and status updates, most are a smorgasbord of […]